Study Abroad 2009 A Fun Memory!

The study abroad trip to France was 28 days of fun, culture, media visits and learning experiences! Students in Ethics and Problems and Travel Reporting met with NPR correspondent Eleanor Beardsley and visited France 24, France’s 24-hour news channel. They also visited important sites in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon and shared great times with other Florida Gators and new international friends.
For information on next year's trip to England and Ireland, and to see a slide show of highlights from this year's trip, go to:!

Apr 7, 2009

Expanding Horizons or Taking Advantage?

What do you think of the trend of so-called "Poverty Tourism"? The Wall Street Journal wrote about this kind of trip where tourists pay to see people living in some of the worst conditions in the world. Supporters say it helps increase awareness of the lives of the most-often ignored people in society and benefits them financially at the same time. Opponents say it exploits people for the benefit of others. What do you think? Post your comments here.

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